Parchment Global Publishing would like to invite you for a radio interview with Mr. Ric Bratton – a veteran radio and TV personality who has worked with celebrities like Larry King, Katie Couric, Jay Leno, Chris Matthews and many others. “The Ric Bratton Show” was the longest- running and highest-rated local and TV talk show in the country.

  •  Has it always been your dream for your book to be discovered by people from across the country?
  • Have you paid for various marketing services with little to no personal involvement?
  • What assurance did you get from your publisher that it worked or that fulfillment was reallymade?

With your personal involvement in this service, this is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to your audience. Nobody knows the book more than you do! And there’s no better way to sell your book than talking to your listeners directly and telling them about it.

Get the chance to be interviewed by Ric Bratton through us. We’ll make sure to land you a spot in his radio show, “This Week in America”!


  • 15-minute phone interview with Mr. Ric Bratton
  • Video version of phone interview using book cover, author picture, website, etc.
  • Placement on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Podomatic, and soon on Spotify.
  • Advertisement in the talk show’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  •  Links to the above apps that you can use in your website, social media accounts, and anyplatform that you have full rights to use.

Showcase your book and your writing talent to everyone using a marketing tool that works! Old school still is cool, they say. Book a slot now!

If radio marketing isn’t your thing but you know your book deserves to gain readership, please feel free to reach out. Let us know your challenges so we can help you find the best ways to overcome them.