Preventative Maintenance for Living A Life of Health and Wellness

By RJ Smith

RJ Smith – Head Maintenance Man knows the secret to a long, healthy life, and it isn’t a trendy diet, or a piece of exercise equipment sold by a celebrity in an infomercial. Smith is an octogenarian who has lived a pretty typical life. He was a smoker. He was a drinker. He was overweight. But he has changed his ways and is now healthier than ever. And he will share his simple secrets with you in his new book. It’s not magic. It’s just simple, sensible living.

Smith can teach you easy, cost-effective measures for eating right, exercising, and more. In a few short pages, you will learn to structure your diet, maximize the calories you burn in only a few short minutes per day, and take only the most beneficial and cost-effective vitamins and supplements. Smith draws from his decades of real-world experience to teach you how to live a life worth living