Laws of Love: The Salvation Way

By Donna Duffield

The world does not need more money, education, professionals or prison time; the world now needs more love.

All depression, anger, worry, self-worth, destructive behaviour within and without are all a result of a lack of love in our hearts. The world is now crying out for us to start giving of the heart instead of the mind; only when you do that will feel true contentment, joy and peace that you have always been craving for.

This book will demonstrate in your own experience how to access the most beautiful and powerful energy in existence – Love.

The Laws of Love, The Salvati on Way works on the principle that love is your essential nature and the only thing preventing you from feeling this beautiful state every day is your busy conditioned mind and past pain. Once you clear these two conditions then love rises naturally and is felt deeply within under all conditions and manifested without for all things. Thus the laws of Love, The Salvati on Way is primarily a training manual to help you clear these obstructions and open the way for love.